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Workshop on Cooperation towards Sustainable Agricultural Development

16 December 2022

06 October 2022 - In the framework of the "Structured doctoral programme on Sustainable Agricultural Development in Central Asia" (SUSADICA), IAMO researchers contributed to a workshop, which was held in the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers in Uzbekistan on 29 September 2022.

The event was organized to follow up on the progress of the SUSADICA doctoral programme established in the NRU TIIAME and maintained jointly with Justus Liebig University (JLU) Gießen, IAMO, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, the Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC) and a network of international partners. The workshop gathered together over 40 participants in presence and online.

The event was launched by Martin Petrick (SUSADICA project leader from JLU Gießen), and Abdulkhakim Salokhiddinov (NRU TIIAME Vice-Rector for International Cooperation). During the first half of the workshop, Martin Petrick provided an overview of the current status of the SUSADICA project. A SUSADICA PhD student at JLU Gießen and NRU TIIAME Jakhongir Babadjanov presented recent research findings on the effects of payment systems on performance of Kazakh and Uzbek farmers. Following this, IAMO researcher Nodir Djanibekov presented a road map for promoting research cooperation with NRU TIIAME economists.

The second half of the workshop was dedicated to the introduction to the ongoing research activities within the SDGnexus Network project led by JLU and involved NRU TIIAME as a regional partner in Central Asia. It started by an introduction by Björn Weeser (SDGnexus project manager at JLU Gießen) about the current project activities. Following this, Sana Ilyas (a senior researcher of SDGnexus at NRU TIIAME) provided an overview of the research progress and activities during her stay in Uzbekistan. Jakhongirmirzo Mirzaqobulov (a PhD student of SDGnexus at NRU TIIAME) presented recent research findings of drainage water reuse for irrigating fodder crops in Uzbekistan. Aliya Assubayeva (a postdoctoral researcher at SDGnexus at JLU Gießen) shared research findings on the Central Asia’s water security assessment. In his second presentation, Björn Weeser (JLU Gießen) gave an introduction to the international project that involves citizen science in hydrology. Finally, Sarah Robinson (a postdoctoral researcher at JLU Gießen) shared a conceptual framework on accounting for trade-offs amongst sustainable development goals in the Central Asian livestock sector.