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Published: Special issue of 30 Years of Farm Restructuring and Water Management Reforms in Central Asia

05 April 2022

The special issue edited by Richard Pomfret and Nodir Djanibekov was announced in February 2021 inviting contributions that cover the past thirty years of agricultural transformation in Central Asia and encouraged submissions from economists, sociologists, and political scientists. Following the review process, the issue brought together six articles on new insights into topics pertaining to farm restructuring, land reforms, and institutional changes in Central Asian agriculture and water management. The contributions provide broad coverage with two papers on Tajikistan, one each on Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and two addressing overarching issues in the four reforming economies.

The editorial to the special issue can be read here:

Pomfret, R., Djanibekov, N. (2022). 30 years of farm restructuring and water management reforms in Central Asia. Central Asian Journal of Water Research, 8(1), 49–56.